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The Agnostic Prayer Experiment

I was listening to past episodes of Premier’s Unbelievable? and the host, Justin Brierley, proposed an unusual type of experiment. The experiment was based on a 2010 paper by T. J. Mawson, “Praying to Stop Being an Atheist” in the … Continue reading

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Hopefully not another rabbit trail….

I’ve recently taken up some interest in the Shroud of Turin. I know that many believe that science has proven (carbon-14 dating) that it’s a fake. But there seems to be a lot of other mystery there that indicates that … Continue reading

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Another rabbit trail – Phlegon

I was listening to an entertaining lecture by Paul Maier and toward the very end of the question and answer time (1:25:04) Paul mentioned there being evidence for the eclipse during Christ’s passion.  He mentioned that Phlegon, an ancient Greek … Continue reading

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Over six years. . .

It’s been now over six years that I’ve been in unbelief, and over these past 6 years many things have happened. Three more kids have been added to my family. I now have two teenage daughters. Home life and work … Continue reading

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Blog Posts on Doubt

The Credo House has a nice series on doubt. C. Michael Patton asked several Evangelical scholars and authors to contribute one paragraph each on the issue of Christians and doubt. Below is the current list: Darrell Bock Paul Copan Mike … Continue reading

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On My Own – BarlowGirl

The first part of this song really hits home. However, the second part seemed like the writer was just wanting to hold onto an invisible (in my view possibly non-existent) God in order to not feel alone. I sometimes feel … Continue reading

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American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meeting

I signed up recently for the 2011 ASA Annual Meeting. The American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) is a society of Christians in  science that within the past year I have become a “member” of. I can’t really be a member because … Continue reading

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To Know You by Nichole Nordeman

Another song to add to my song list dealing with doubt and uncertainty. [youtube][/youtube] It’s well past midnight And I’m awake with questions that won’t Wait for daylight Separating fact from my imaginary fiction On this shelf of my conviction … Continue reading

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My blogroll . . .

With my new format I removed the blogroll in order to better categorize and describe the various blogs I read in my search for faith. [post_in_post query="page_id=622"]

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I Will Not Be Moved by Natalie Grant

I have been moved. [youtube][/youtube] I have been the wayward child I have acted out I have questioned Sovereignty And had my share of doubt And though sometimes my prayers feel like They’re bouncing off the sky The hand I … Continue reading

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